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Founded in 2012 with global capabilities across web design and development, product design, and AI Solutions. We help companies grow their businesses and projects online. Your success is also ours!


We leverage world-class developers, designers, product managers, & devops engineers to get your ideas & projects up & running quickly.

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Web Design

We design and develop market-leading websites that deliver a great first impression, build trust, and convert visitors into customers.

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Software Development

Equipped with new technology, our front, back-end, and mobile app development teams bring your ideas to life. We develop with a focus on longevity and scalability.

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Product Design

Leveraging cutting-edge tools, our expert design team crafts innovative and user-centric products. We design with the future in mind.

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AI Solutions

Harnessing advanced artificial intelligence, our expert team creates intelligent systems that drive innovation and efficiency. We build custom AI algorithms and models for industry-specific applications.

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DevOps Consulting

Our skilled DevOps engineers streamline your development and operations processes, ensuring seamless integration and continuous delivery. We optimize for efficiency and scalability.

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Reputation Management

Our team of experts can monitor and take control of your online brand and build positive reputation. Don’t let the internet decide what your brand is. Be the leader. Take control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your website development process?

Phase 1 – Discovery

Once we decide to partner on your web design project, our team immediately begins the research process.

We research your industry, analyze your competitors, and learn more about your company. What are your goals? What has your progress been so far? What challenges do you face? What ideas do you have?

Phase 2 – Design

At this stage, we start exploring design and layout ideas using mapping, prototyping, and wireframing techniques.

We create wireframes and mockups to develop a site map and design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Essentially, we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, using Human-Centered Design strategies.

Phase 3 – Content Creation

The next step is to write and gather content, including text, images, and videos.

We optimize the content for SEO and ensure it aligns with your brand messaging.

Phase 4 – Development

We set up the development environment and begin coding the front-end and back-end.

We also integrate third-party services and APIs as needed.

Phase 5 – Testing

We conduct thorough testing to ensure everything functions correctly.

This includes functionality testing (forms, links, navigation), usability testing, cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, performance, and load testing. We fix any bugs and issues that arise.

Phase 6 – Deployment

Once testing is complete, we choose and configure the hosting environment.

We upload website files to the server, set up the domain name and DNS, and perform final checks before launching the website.

Phase 7 – Maintenance and Updates

After launch, we monitor the website’s performance and security.

We regularly update content and software, perform backups, and analyze user feedback to make improvements.

Phase 8 – Marketing and SEO

We implement SEO strategies to ensure your website ranks well in search engines.

We set up analytics and tracking tools and develop digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your site.

Phase 9 – Post-Launch Support

We provide training on content management and offer ongoing technical support.

We gather and analyze user feedback for future enhancements to ensure your website continues to meet your needs.

What is the timeline for projects?

Every project is unique, and no two are the same. Your timeline is tailored to your project’s scope and needs. However, we don’t believe in or advise lengthy timelines.

How do I know my idea/project is protected?

Our entire business depends on our clients’ trust in us. Protecting your ideas/project is as important to us as it is to you because if you fail, we fail.

What sectors have we worked in?

We have developed projects across various sectors, including Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Media, Real Estate, Technology, Finance, Education, Agriculture, Health, Fashion, Ecommerce, Transportation, and more.

Why Nigerian businesses loves HYFIG?

Web Design Nigeria – HYFIG is a Lagos based website design company offering creative website design, ecommerce development, branding, digital marketing and search engine optimization services. We have done a great job for hundreds of clients including well known brands, charities, schools and universities. We have a vast experience in corporate, university and school website design in particular.

HYFIG the best web designers in lagos has always depended solely on the quality of our work to generate business, take a look through our portfolio and get in touch to discuss your project.

Web Designers in Lagos – HYFIG provides quality web design/development and SEO services. Established in 2012, HYFIG is the best web designers in Nigeria. Our services include website design and development, ecommerce development, digital marketing and branding services. Please call our office in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria on 0806 118 5623 for more information.


We work with top companies, organizations, startups, private schools, public schools, and state schools to create fantastic website designs. Our experience both inside and outside the sector puts us in a unique position to deliver an engaging corporate style website that works brilliantly for businesses.

We also work with further education colleges and universities in the wider education sector.

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