Digital Marketing

Posted by John Diginee | 07 August 2020

So after months of hard work, you’ve finally reach that key moment – you’re ready to launch your eCommerce store. You want to give your customers the best first impression...

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Six Ways to Market Your Business for Free
Posted by John Diginee | 07 June 2020

There is no such thing as cheap marketing or expensive marketing. There is only marketing that works and marketing that doesn’t work. Below are six channels that offer no-cost marketing...

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5 Reasons Why Majority of eCommerce Businesses Fail
Posted by John Diginee | 28 March 2018

eCommerce is seen as an exciting opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. There is huge potential for building a successful business with a loyal customer base and healthy profits. The problem, however,...

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Posted by John Diginee | 14 June 2017

The launch time is a busy and regularly unpleasant time for eCommerce merchants. You’ve a tremendous rundown of errands that should be finished and little time in which to do them....

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8 Marketing Items Your New Business Must Have
Posted by John Diginee | 18 April 2017

So you’re just starting a new business, you need to tell the world you exist, what do you need to add to your marketing arsenal? The infographic below will guide...

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Guide to Advertising Your Small Business on Facebook
Posted by John Diginee | 16 April 2017

Are you considering paying to advertise your business on Facebook? Need help getting started with the Facebook Ads platform? The infographic below will guide you.

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Posted by John Diginee | 25 February 2017

Are you looking to attract more women to your Ecommerce website? Want to know the key factors that make women decide to buy products online?

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social media advertising
Posted by John Diginee | 02 January 2017

Advertising and boosting social posts has become an important part of many business’ marketing strategies. But for those with little experience of managing social advertising budgets and running campaigns, it...

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